Suprematist Nudes

Abstract Artwork enables one to explore relationships in new and/or different ways. A deeper awareness of these relationships can give one an insight into the underlying nature or "beingness" of our world. Ultimately I believe all art is the search for understanding. By recreating small fragments of our world the artist begins to understand those bits of the world better. The gift of the artist is the sharing of their vision of these bits of reality with others enabling them a greater awareness of their world by simply seeing it through another’s eyes. There is always a deeper reality. Abstraction in art is the only language we have to address it.

Currently I am working on a series of images of Nudes montaged with images of Russian Suprematist painting from 1912 to 1923. The Suprematists wanted to divorce their art from the physical world and explore relationships of a higher, "Supreme" reality. I thought it interesting to combine works from opposite polarities; physical nudes with these hard-edged geometric explorations to see what relationships would result. The "tattooing" of the Suprematist works on some of the Nudes makes them almost archetypal presences of an idealized form: no longer merely physical entities. In other images the Nude softens the hard-edged Suprematists forms making them more physical and worldly. These new relationships, I hope, give a heightened sense of the "beingness" underlying both.

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